Ronald Edwards Pepper
2 Worlds

Ronald Edwards Pepper
2 Worlds

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now ended
2 April - 12 June 2022

Ground Floor, Yarra Building
Federation Square



Ronald Edwards Pepper<br>2 Worlds

2 Worlds is an exhibition of new work by Ronald Edwards Pepper, a proud Gunnai man and artist living and working on the traditional lands of his Ancestors in Morwell, Gippsland.

Ronald’s art embodies a harmonious convergence of the old and the new, incorporating Gunnai clan designs, Dreaming and creation stories rendered in luminescent colours and materials that vibrate with energy. He primarily creates mixed media works on canvas, paper and board, incorporating a range of acrylic, aerosol, fluorescent and glow in the dark paints, photographs, found objects and personal items.

Ronald was born in 1982 on Gunnai Country and has developed his artistic practice over the past twenty years. He is deeply influenced by the cultural knowledge passed on to him from his Ancestors, through his Mother Elizabeth Anne Pepper (1955 – 2020) and grandparents Dolly Mullet and Watson Pepper, who relocated to Morwell from Lake Tyers Mission during the 1960s. On his mother’s side, Ronald is also a descendant of Uncle Ben ‘Lanky’ Manton (1841 – 1929), a highly esteemed Elder and advocate for First Peoples’ rights and reconciliation.

In 2021, Ronald was awarded the Creative Victoria Award for Excellence in any Media the major prize in the 9th Koorie Art Show Awards at Koorie Heritage Trust.

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Ronald Edwards Pepper, Colours in Country 2022, synthetic polymer paint on synthetic paper, 15 parts.