Awesome Nana
Aunty Deb Rose

Awesome Nana
Aunty Deb Rose

Event status:
28 May - 22 August 2021

Second Floor, Yarra Building
Federation Square



Awesome Nana<br>Aunty Deb Rose

Aunty Deb Rose is a proud Gunditjmara woman and Elder living in the Ballarat community who was born in Orbost in 1961. Aunty Deb is inspired by her family, who continue to encourage her to create paintings. In particular, Aunty Deb’s granddaughter Seraphina, has inspired her to pursue art. Seraphina often encourages Aunty Deb by saying, “Nana, great job,” and “Nana, that’s awesome,” when she sees Aunty Deb’s work.

Aunty Deb has been involved in Aboriginal cultural matters for over 30 years. In the past two years she has continued working on her paintings and started putting her own stamp on the work, drawing upon the linear marking style of Victorian First Nations people. Aunty Deb draws upon special landscapes around Ballarat for inspiration and focuses on flora as well as impacts on the environment such as bushfire events. Today, Aunty Deb still really enjoys painting and hopes all who see her works enjoy them as much as she does.


The Koorie Heritage Trust is proud to acknowledge exhibition partners Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne, the Indigenous Visual Arts and Industry Support Program and Australia Council for the Arts

IMAGE: Aunty Deb Rose (Gunditjmara), Dustburst 2021, acrylic on canvas