Black Crow by Daen Sansbury-Smith

Black Crow by Daen Sansbury-Smith

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10 July - 15 November 2020




Black Crow by Daen Sansbury-Smith

Black Crow is a metaphor for the wise watchful eye of male Aboriginal role models and their key responsibilities within the community.

Black Crow expands on Narungga and Trawoolwaway artist Daen Sansbury-Smith’s representation of Narungga and Palawa stories, art and culture. The exhibition explores transference of inherited knowledge, stories and responsibility from a father to his young children. Through ochre, charcoal and acrylic on canvas, Sansbury-Smith maps Ancestral memory and connection to country, sharing stories of pre and post-contact Aboriginal history and culture. This mapping draws upon cultural design of huge importance to Sansbury-Smith.

Sansbury-Smith is an audio engineer, content producer and visual artist. Sansbury-Smith has produced countless art works over the past 10 years as gifts and to decorate family homes, but has never pursued art as a career. Most recently, Sansbury-Smith has been exploring with collecting ochre with his children and putting his cultural knowledge onto canvas, providing a safe space for them to watch and learn.

Black Crow is our second exhibition for 2020 in our Project Gallery.

Due to our temporary COVID-19 closure, we are pleased to present Black Crow as an online exhibition.


Black Crow – Room Sheet

Black Crow by Daen Sansbury-Smith

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Black Crow – Augmented Reality


Five artworks from Black Crow were shown with Augmented Reality enhancements that bring Daen’s paintings to life.

The Augmented Reality enhancements featured animations created by Isobel Knowles, and music by Danny ‘D-Boy’ Ramzen.

Augmented Reality works are indicated in the gallery below by a red Eyejack symbol.

Black Crow – Artworks

Please click on individual tiles to view the full image of the artwork. For a description of each work, please download the exhibition room sheet above.


Black Crow Online Gallery