Kelsey Love and Tarryn Love

Kelsey Love and Tarryn Love

Event status:
4 May – 28 July 2019



Level 2 Project Space,
Yarra Building, Federation Square,


The exhibition Koorroyarr presents works by Gunditjmara Keerray Woorroong artists and sisters, Kelsey and Tarryn Love, incorporating possum skin, weaving, sculpture, wood, and canvas.

Koorroyarr translates to ‘granddaughter’ in the Keerray Wooroong dialect. The body of work presented is heavily inspired by Kelsey & Tarryn’s family, their Aunties, Uncles, Elders, brothers and sisters, that teach the traditional stories and practices, and continually guide them back to their cultural practices and their home country. Language revival is an intrinsic passion in the family, and the sisters endeavour to explore and revive this through their art practice. The sisters  explore symbolism and use a consortium of mediums to reflect their contemporary perspective. As they constantly learn, they revive and reinvigorate tradition in exploring their own identities and individuality in a modern landscape.

Tarryn Love is a proud Gunditjimara Keeray Woorrong women from Western Victoria and is currently attending Melbourne University in her second year of studying Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Indigenous Studies and Sociology. Further in her studies Tarryn hopes to continue onto studying Law, focusing on Aboriginal affairs. Tarryn’s strong passion for culture is heavily inspired by her family who teach her traditional stories and practices. Through her art she not only continually explores her knowledge but also revives and reinvigorates styles through her experience as a young modern Indigenous woman, while concurrently expressing her identity.

Kelsey Love is a proud Gunditjmara Keerray Wooroong woman who creates visual art as a way to channel her cultural connection and discovery. Kelsey works with a variety of mediums and textiles to fuse traditional weaving styles with modern fibres to create contemporary pieces or work. She also uses Indigenous drawing and painting styles to construct fine line pieces to inform and celebrate her culture and narrate her story. Kelsey and her sister Tarryn also have a passion for reviving their traditional language, and endeavour to do this through their pieces.