Aunty Bronwyn Razem
Camping on Country

Aunty Bronwyn Razem
Camping on Country

Event status:
5 October – 24 November 2019



Yarra Building
Federation Square

Aunty Bronwyn Razem<br>Camping on Country

Camping on Country is an ambitious and immersive solo exhibition by Gunditjmara master weaver, Aunty Bronwyn Razem. Camping on Country tells the stories of families coming together and elders teaching the importance of being on Country — passing down knowledge and old ways.

The traditional knowledge of weaving was passed down from my grandmother to my mother, to myself.

Mum taught me how to recognise different grasses and how to cut and split them. Elders had no names for weaving grasses but knew which grasses to get because they all had different heads. They would walk into the bush and know which ones to get. They are so recognisable.

Weaving has kept us connected to each other, our culture, our community, our Country. Most importantly, the continuation of this tradition has given us a strong and independent voice in the modern world which we’ve used to build bridges, heal broken relationships and make new connections.

Aunty Bronwyn Razem

Installation view, photo credit:  Christian Capurro.