Balla-wein bloomtime

Balla-wein bloomtime

Event status:
14 October – 26 November 2017

Gallery 2, Level 1, Yarra Building, Koorie Heritage Trust, Federation Square Melbourne


A sculptural installation by artist in residence, Jenny Crompton

Balla-wein bloomtime is a never-before-seen sculptural installation exploring the environmental effects of the seasons and our changing climate on the Bellarine coastline where Jenny lives.

“The rich southern coastal waters of my country, the Bellarine Peninsula (balla-wein) are the lands of the Bengalat balug and Wadawurrung balug, saltwater people, who witnessed the seasonal blooms occurring over millennia. The microscopic marine life and events occurring in these waters go unseen, like spirits, responding to the seasons and pressures this world is placing upon them. Their health and connections, affect the vitality for life on this coast.” – Jenny Crompton

Jenny Crompton is an artist with Aboriginal heritage who lives on the Victorian Surf Coast. Her art practice focuses on themes that explore the environment and Indigenous culture of Country. Part of her process is walking the land and respectfully gathering natural materials, which allow her to reconnect, listen and interpret an essence of her culture through the making of sculpture and paintings.

Jenny was selected from a shortlist of invited artist proposals to undertake a 12-month residency through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts Project funding. Jenny begun her residency in May 2017, and will be presenting a major exhibition of new works developed through the residency in May 2018.

Balla-wein bloomtime, are you being listened to?