Carved out of life: the next generation

Carved out of life: the next generation

Event status:
23 July - 2 October 2016

Curated by Clinton Nain

Exhibition Opening Saturday 23 July, 2-4pm, to be opened by Aunty Esther Kirby.

The exhibition Carved Out of Life: The next generation (23 July – 2 October) brings together artists Esther Kirby, Jenny Singh, Adrian Morgan and sons, Lucy Williams-Connolly, and Talgium Edwards to showcase the fine art and tradition of emu egg carving. The exhibition will feature eggs held in the Koorie Heritage Trust’s Collection alongside works from the Clinton Nain Collection, as well as new works by each of the artists in the show.

Emu egg carving is an ancient tradition that has evolved over hundreds of generations in Australian Aboriginal communities. Beginning with etched eggs, used as water carriers and carved with implements like mussel shells, the tradition continues today with the next generation of artists adding to the rich and diverse beauty of emu egg carving. This exhibition will bring the rich history and craftsmanship of emu egg carving to light, celebrating some of the great emu egg carvers of our generation, taught by the masters of carving from previous generations.

We also acknowledge and thank our accommodation sponsor, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.