Threaded Journey
Lisa Waup

Threaded Journey
Lisa Waup

Event status:
24 July - 26 September 2014

Koorie Heritage Trust, 295 King Street, (Naarm) Melbourne

Threaded Journey</br>Lisa Waup

In Threaded Journey, husband and wife Naup Waup (Papua New Guinea) and Lisa Waup (Torres Strait Islander and Gunditjmara) draw on their diverse yet connected backgrounds to create an exhibition detailing the importance of the String bag. The string bag has been an important entity in linking the diverse, yet connected backgrounds of the artists.

This dual exhibition explores the process of rediscovering and understanding the multi-cultural, layered ties that have existed between Papua New Guinea and Australia for thousands of years.

As a material object that has passed between the culturally separated realms of women and men, the string bag is utilised by both sexes to make statements about their respective roles.

Lisa’s contribution to Threaded Journey is the expression of the role of the female using the imagery of the string bags, the connection to culture and linking through ancestral movement. She uses digital manipulation, text and ink drawings that are stitched to celebrate this unity.

Naup on the other hand, examines the male craft of making bilums using multi-layering processes on paper with ink, ochre paint, acrylic paint and natural fibre weaving.

Threaded Journey is the beginning of a string bag documenting process for Naup and Lisa, and this exhibition is intended to lead to a greater body of work.