New Era : 2nd Time Lucky
pitcha makin fellaz

New Era : 2nd Time Lucky
pitcha makin fellaz

Event status:
1 May - 30 June 2014

Koorie Heritage Trust, 295 King Street, (Naarm) Melbourne

New Era : 2nd Time Lucky</br>pitcha makin fellaz

“Most of our traditional stuff got taken away from us when we got put on missions, so I guess this is a way we can express ourselves as contemporary Aboriginal men.”

Peter-Shane Rotumah, pitcha makin fellaz

In New Era : 2nd Time Lucky, Ballarat based, all male art collective, pitcha makin fellaz, examine what is seen as the traditional view of Aboriginal to make it new and relevant to themselves and their community.

The fellaz are William Blackall, Ted Laxton, Peter-Shane Rotumah, Myles Walsh, Adrian Rigney, Thomas Marks and Joe Lee. They describe themselves as a deadly mob of handsome, easy going and passionate men who come together on a regular basis to write and paint. Formed as a collective in June 2013, they are making plans for the future. However, this is more than making good art and telling interesting stories – painting is a way to help encourage and develop fine, strong men who work constructively, creatively and carefully for community.