Men’s Business
From The Darling To The Bay

Men’s Business
From The Darling To The Bay

Event status:
30 October 2014 – 27 February 2015

Koorie Heritage Trust, 295 King Street, (Naarm) Melbourne


Guest curated by John Duggan, Men’s Business: From The Darling To The Bay presents a journey into the lives of ten Indigenous men from Southeast Australia: John Duggan, Mick Harding, Brendan Kennedy, Jason Kirby, Ricky Kirby, Vince Kirby, John Patten, Jamie Thomas, Ray Thomas and Kevin Williams.

The exhibition aims to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of male artists to the Indigenous art practices of Southeastern Australia.  Aboriginal men are often negatively stereotyped in the media, and a strong male presence is rarely seen in group exhibitions.

Many influences inform artists as they are developing their interests, styles and skills. Mothers traditionally play a strong role in this development and are a recognised influence for many male artists.  So too, fathers and grandfathers play an influential role in the artists presented in this exhibition.  Mentors and role models have also helped to shape the lives and art practices of these artists.

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