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Meerreeng-an – Here is my country

The story of Aboriginal Victoria told through art

Meerreeng-an is a Koorie Heritage Trust publication. Featuring over 340 artworks and objects from our Collection, the publication portrays the richness and diversity of Victorian Aboriginal culture from the early 19th century to the present day.

In Meerreeng-an, artists describe their own artworks, and the stories and quotes from Elders and other community members provide cultural and historical context to our collection, telling of the importance of Country, of life before European arrival, of invasion and dramatic change, of dislocation and missions, and of the survival and strength of the living culture.

Using words and phrases from Victorian Aboriginal languages, Meerreeng-an demonstrates the continuation of Koorie culture.

Meerreeng-An is available for sale in limited numbers from our shop KOORIE, level 1, Yarra Building, Federation Square, Melbourne.

Aboriginal life in Gippsland

A seniors perspective

This film presents the perspective of 16 Aboriginal Elders and Seniors living across the Gippsland area talking about their history, community attitudes to racism, the health system, young people in the area and more. Each of the individual unedited interviews can be found in the Koorie Heritage Trust Oral History Collection.

The film was produced by the Koorie Heritage Trust, in partnership with NADAC (Network Aboriginal Disability and Aged Care Agencies), supported by the Department of Human Services for the Victorian Seniors Festival 2016. Filmed by Kaawirn Kuunawarn Hissing Swan Arts, production team: Robbie Bundle, Lisa Forbes, Tim Church & Peter Worland.

Aboriginal Life in Gippsland – A Seniors Perspective from Koorie Heritage Trust on Vimeo.