Dr Shannon Faulkhead

Dr Shannon Faulkhead

Member, Board of Management
Member, Audit & Risk Committee

Shannon is a Koorie woman from Mildura. In 2009 she graduated with PhD research titled ‘Narratives of Koorie Victoria’. Prior to returning to study she worked for nine years at the Koorie Heritage Trust. Her research concentrates on the location of Indigenous Australian peoples and their knowledge within the Australian society and collective knowledge. In 2011 she became the Finkel Fellow (Senior Research Fellow) with the Monash Country Lines Archive program researching the use of 3D animation in preserving and intergenerational learning of language and knowledge that is in danger of being lost.

Shannon is a published author, academic, cultural critic and practitioner with demonstrated
significant experience in community advocacy research and projects. Her credentials are further bolstered with the publication and presentation of academic papers at multiple local, national and international conferences and substantiate my developed experience and understanding of life for Indigenous Australians in contemporary mainstream Australia.

Shannon holds a PhD in Indigenous Studies (Monash University), Bachelor of Arts (Ballarat University College), Graduate Diploma Natural and Cultural Heritage Interpretation (Deakin University) and a Graduate Certificate Applied Science, Environment and Heritage Interpretation (Deakin University).

Shannon is currently Head, First Peoples Department at Museums Victoria.